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Café Olive

It is a cafe and shop run by the Abbey.

Works and relics made by monks and nuns, natural fermented vinegar and wild plant enzymes,

Abbey olribetto imported from Italy Abbey, sales of wine and olive oil

Benedictine spiritual books and Trappist Convent fruit jam are available.

You can visit and use it at any time.

Coffee and tea are always available.

Call for wine and olive oil purchase inquiries 
hp010. 6858. 1986

<Information on the day/time of courier order acceptance>

< Days and hours of reception of orders for wine and olive oil in the abbey>

Order availability: 10 am to 4 pm (closed on Sundays and Wednesdays )

  Because the abbey has a schedule of 3 meals and 8 prayers,

Please understand that we are unable to answer or answer calls immediately to the person placing the order.

peace !

Due to the rapid price increase of packaging paper boxes due to the recent fire at the packaging material factory

When you inevitably order a gift box

I received 1,000 won for a box for packaging.

We ask for your broad understanding of the sudden change of situation.


​Abbey Cafe

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