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"Son, listen to the Master’s commandments,

Listen to your heart."

<Water rule> Introduction, 1

Original text of St. Benedict's <Water Rule>

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Chapter 1 On the types of monks

Chapter 2 What kind of person should my fathers be?

Chapter 3 Listening to Brothers' Opinion

Chapter 4 What are the tools of good work

Chapter 5 Obedience

Chapter 6 On Silence

Chapter 7 On Humility

Chapter 8 Regarding the Holy Service to be Dedicated at Night

Chapter 9 How many psalms should be offered during the night hours

Chapter 10 How to Do <Night Prayer of Prayer> in Summer

Chapter 11 How to do <Night Prayer> on Sunday

Chapter 12 How to offer the magnificent <Morning Prayer>

Chapter 13 How to Dedicate the <Morning Prayer> on Weekdays

Chapter 14 How to Dedicate <Night Prayer> to the (Heavenly) Birthday of Saints

Chapter 15 When to Memorize <Alleluia>

CHAPTER 16 How to Dedicate the Work of God in the Day

Chapter 17: How many psalms should be memorized in each time scripture

Chapter 18: in what order to memorize the psalms

Chapter 19: On the attitude of memorizing the psalms

Chapter 20 Respect for Prayer

Chapter 21: On the Ten Persons of the Monastery

Chapter 22: How the monks should sleep

Chapter 23 On the excommunication of wrongdoing

Chapter 24: What should be the style of excommunication?

Chapter 25-Of Great Mistakes

Chapter 26: On those excommunicated and those who associate without permission

Chapter 27: How Dads Should Care for Excommunicated Brothers

Chapter 28: On those who have been punished many times and do not try to cure them

Chapter 29: Should Brothers Who Leave the Monastery Be Accepted Again?

Chapter 30-How to punish a young boy

Chapter 31: Who Should Be the Dangga of the Monastery?

Chapter 32-Of the utensils and objects of the monastery

Chapter 33: What can monks have in their own right?

Chapter 34: Should All People Receive The Equal Needs

Chapter 35-Of the weekly ministers in the kitchen

Chapter 36-Of the sick brothers

Chapter 37-Of the elderly and children

Chapter 38 Of Weekly Readers

Chapter 39-On the quantity of food

Chapter 40 on the quantity of beverages

CHAPTER 41 At what time should the brothers eat

No One Will Say After Chapter 42 <Prayer at the End>

Chapter 43-Of those who come late to God's work or meal

Chapter 44-How the excommunicated brothers will punish

Chapter 45-On the wrongdoers in the church

Chapter 46-Of those who have wronged in other things

Chapter 47-Of the announcement of the hour of God's work

Chapter 48-On Daily Manual Labor

Chapter 49-Concerning the observance of the Feast of Lent

Chapter 50 Of the brothers who are traveling or working far away from the church

Chapter 51-Of the brothers who go out not too far

Chapter 52-Of the Monastery Cathedral

Chapter 53-On Receiving Guests

Chapter 54-Of the monks who can receive letters or anything

Chapter 55-Of the Brothers' Clothing and Shoes

Chapter 56-Of Papas' Table

Chapter 57-Of the Engineers of the Monastery

Chapter 58 On the Procedures of Brothers' Enrollment

Chapter 59 Of the consecration of their sons by the nobles and the poor

Chapter 60-Of Priests Who Want to Live in the Monastery

Chapter 61: How to accept foreign monks

Chapter 62-Of the priests of the monastery

Chapter 63: On the turn of the community

Chapter 64: On the establishment of Papas

Chapter 65-Of the abbot of the monastery

Chapter 66-Of the Gatekeepers of the Monastery

Chapter 67-Of the brothers on the journey

Chapter 68-If A Brother Is Ordered To Do The Impossible

Chapter 69 Dare not to defend one another in the monastery

Chapter 70-No One Dare To Slap

Chapter 71-We will obey one another

Chapter 72-Of the good passion the monks should have

Chapter 73 Regarding that not all rules to comply with all morality are specified in this rulebook.

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