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​They... abandoned everything and followed Jesus.

'Luca 5.11'

" I love you,

The echo of our fame has reached you!"

St. Bernardo Tolomei


First, the vocational vocational officer communicates with the person in charge of the vocation outside for a certain period of time and has time to refine his mind about the vocation. During this period, through investigations in charge of the sanctuary, general information about religious life and our Saint Benedic of Olivetano will be provided.

And actually, you will have a period of experiencing life in our water community. After joining the capital community and experiencing common life in this way, it is finally possible to identify whether or not you are enrolled. The decision to join will be made based on the opinions of the father monk, the investigation of the sanctuary, and the formation committee members. There is no age limit, and the decision is made taking into account all aspects of the LGBTQ. And, for example, the beginning of the year or the end of the year, there is no specific timing of enrollment, but the timing of enrollment is determined according to the vocational identification process of each LGBTQ.

This initiation process basically follows-though not literally-Chapter 58 of St. Benedict's Capital Rules. For reference, the original text is written below.

Sanctuary Inquiries: 010.5301 1319

<Water Supply Rules> 58. About the procedure for the brothers' admission (1-16)

When someone first comes to live a religious life, do not allow him to be admitted easily, but, as the apostle said, "I will try to see if his spirit is from God."

Therefore, if the person who visited him constantly knocks on the door and endures the hardship of the hospitality and the enrollment he faces for up to four or five days, and his petition seems to be persistent, he will be admitted to him and will remain in the room for a few days. After that, they will be placed in the practitioners' rooms to study, eat, and sleep there. And he will send to them homeless brethren worthy of souls to take care of them with every care.

And he will take care of whether the practitioner truly seeks God and is devoted to enduring God's work, obedience, and insults. He will also inform him in advance of all the difficulties and trials he will face in his approach to God.

If he promises to persevere in his settlement, two months later read this rule book to him in turn, and say to him, “Behold, this is the law that you are willing to struggle under that direction, and if you can keep it, listen. Come, if you can't, leave freely.” If he is still there, he will lead him to the room of the practitioners mentioned above and test it again with all patience. And I'll read the rulebook to him to let him know what he has come in to do after six months have passed. If he's still there, he'll read the same rulebook again in four months.
And if he commits himself to self-contemplation, obeying everything, and obeying all that he commands, then he will accept it into the community. What he should know at this time is that he cannot leave the monastery from that day as prescribed by the law of the rule book, and he cannot escape from the yoke of the rule, because he has been able to reject or accept this rule after so long deliberation.

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