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"Nothing is more than God's work   Don't put it ahead."

<Water rule> 43,3


"With a grateful heart

Psalms and hymns to God

Sing a spiritual song."

Colo 3,16

The rhythm of the life of the Benedictine monks is characterized by prayer and liturgy.

The community meets in the church seven times a day for the most important liturgy, the Eucharist, and for the'Opus Dei', also called the'time liturgy'. In doing so, the rhythm of daily life begins with prayer, continues with prayer, and ends with prayer.

The Water Rule encourages you to make this God's work of paramount importance in every moment of your day. In other words, it is giving the most important priority to prayer offered as a community.

And the Benedictines use the Gregorian chant, a long tradition of monks, in their liturgy much more actively than in any other order.


"I praise you seven times a day  

Because of your righteous laws. "

Psalms 119,164

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