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"Nothing is more than Christ

Don't consider it better. "

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The history of the monks' lives is long enough to go back to the 3rd century. But the driving force has always been from love for Jesus Christ. By pursuing the purity of heart and soul, the monks offer themselves to Christ, who fully presented themselves as sacrifices for the world and for mankind. In doing so, we achieve our own salvation and sanctification, and contribute to the salvation and sanctification of our neighbors. To fulfill the two greatest commandments: love for God and love for neighbor.

“We want to embody through our lives the love of God, first of all, revealed in the weakness of the cross.

Constitution 2

St. Bernardo Tolomei under the cross

Monte Olivetto My Chapel of the Cross

In addition, the monks of the Confederation of St. Mary of Monte Olivetto follow the founder St. Bernardo Tolomei to unite themselves with the love of God revealed in the weakness of the cross of Christ. And I have a special respect for the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom the saint devoted entirely to the Order. All of these goals are achieved by the brothers in the community as one body in Christ.

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