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“We strive to realize our capital vocation through community life, as set out in the St. Benedicdo Rules.”

Constitution 2


" Because there is only one bread, even if we have several

One body. We all have one bread together

Because they divide."

1 Corinthian 10,17

Benedictine is a'academy that serves the Lord' where brothers gather together and struggle under the rules and fathers. As a monk of recovery, we realize the vocation of the capital city based on the spirit of these <Water Supply Rules>. Through the sacrament table, we share the body and blood of the Lord every day, and grow into one body.

And from our founder, St. Bernardo Tolomei, we receive important nourishment for our community spirit. Under extreme humility, he led himself and his community in the spirit of'one body'. Three times the saint showed humility so much that he refused to be the first fathers job. And although he served as the fathers of the Federation for the next 27 years, his rule was to strengthen the unity of communion. He always preferred the expressions'we' and'brothers and me' rather than'me', and maintained an attitude of listening to the opinions of the brothers as much as possible on all important matters. In this atmosphere, the Abbey of Monte Olivetto and the local monastery form one body like a relationship between head and body. It can be said that this is the spirit of'one body' and the charisma of the founder, which has continued until now.

The following <Water Supply Rules> summarizes the attitudes our monks should have as members of the community.

<Water rule> 72. On the good passion that monks should have

Just as there is a bitter and bad passion that separates from God and leads to hell, so there is a good passion that separates from evil habits and leads to God and eternal life.

Therefore, the monks will practice this passion with extreme love. In other words, we will respect each other first, endure weaknesses in our bodies and conduct with extreme patience, quarrel and obey one another, do not follow what we think is beneficial to ourselves, but rather follow what we think is beneficial to others. To show love cleanly, to love and fear God, to love his fathers with sincere and humble charity, and to take nothing better than Christ, who will lead us all together to eternal life.


"Look, how good it is, how fun it is,

For the brothers to live together!"

Psalm 133,1

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