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"The brothers will do manual labor at the set time and will do the holy reading at the set time. "

​<Water rule> 48,1


"Like our fathers and apostles

  By working with your own hands

Only true when living

Become monks."

<Water rule> 48,8

St. Benedict regards leisure as the enemy of the soul, and stresses that proper labor is essential to the life of a monk. Historically, the ancient monks also regarded as an important part of their lives the simple labor enough to sustain their own livelihoods and still continue to pray and practice. While working diligently and steadfastly, working and praying is to remain united as one.

To our Benedictine monks, all the daily duties given to them as long as they do not leave the territory of the settlement are the objects of labor. We serve the entire monasteries and all activities to maintain the life of the congregation under our own duties. There are also monks who contribute to the community through personally endowed talents and skills. This includes baking and confectionery, violin production, maintenance of various facilities, vocal music, icon production, book translation and writing. In addition, in the case of labor that requires a lot of labor at different times or when necessary, the whole community participates as a joint work, and all of them share their brotherly love with one heart and one body sweating.

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