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Wine and olive oil grown and produced directly by our Monte Oliveto Abbey in Italy, Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore. The monks here have been cultivating and producing wine and olive oil for the past 700 years, living according to the Benedictine spirit of'Pray and work'.

Olive oil is a high-quality product with high freshness and freshness, squeezed by cold and cold pressing, cultivated by monks in an olive farm near the Abbey of Monte Oliveto, Italy. The lower the acidity is, the better olive oil is, and when the acidity is less than 0.1%, it is called the best extra virgin olive oil. In recent years, local crops are good, so we have produced olive oil with a very low acidity of 0.08%.

When you eat olive oil, you can usually dip it in bread, sprinkle it on vegetables, or eat it as a health food.

There are 5 types of wine: 3 types of red wine, 1 type of white wine, and 1 type of rose wine. It is grown and produced by monks in a vineyard near Monte Oliveto Monastery in Tuscany in central Italy. It is a high-quality wine with a deep and deep aroma and taste, and a simple yet profound taste of the monk tradition.

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* Wine review is from Son Jin-ho Wine Research Institute.

올리 확장.jpg

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The finest olive oil made by monks

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Acidity Free Fatty Acidity 0.08%

(Italy ARS CHIMICA official certification)

The lower the acidity is, the more fresh and quality olive oil is, the higher the acidity is, the more it is classified as a premium. In order to obtain olive oil with an acidity of 0.08%, the efforts of the producers must also be imperative, but the weather and other conditions of the year must also be assisted.

The whole scent has a deep forest scent that seems untouched by humans. The fresh scent of freshly cut leaves of grass stimulates the nose pleasantly, followed by a fresh citrus scent such as tangerines and limes. At the end, the refreshing and cheap cypress scent strongly shows off the back feeling.

Taste It makes you feel very healthy and concentrated natural taste. The first taste is fresh and fresh, and the medium taste is soft and savory. The aftertaste is slightly bitter and leaves a bitter taste. It combines the taste of a typical finest oil with harmony.

모나 확장.jpg

Monaco Rosso

Super Tuscan Red Wine

Monaco Rosso

Winery: Monte Olivetto Maggiore Abbey

Product type: CS+SV+ML

Brewing: F-Oak 12M + Bottle 6M

Alcohol: 14% vol

Volume: 750ml

Color dark red, purple nuance

Aroma The rich oak scent and the refreshing touch of raspberries and cherries are balanced to form the profile of the first half scent. Next, spices such as pepper and anise give it an exotic flavor, and the deep, fruity aroma of blackberries finishes it off. It has the delicacy and complex taste of high-quality wine.

The refreshing acidity of the taste is attractive, and the high alcohol power that fills the mouth reveals its dignity as a red wine. The tannins are well cooked and come in a subtle yet sturdy way, and the wisdom of the brewers who blended Cabernet stands out.

Gourmet Sirloin Steak, T-Bone Steak

Overall , it is a super Tuscan wine that blends the Tuscan expression of San Jovese with the Bordeaux expression of Cabernet and Merlot. You can feel the refined brewing philosophy of Monte Olivetto Farm, which sublimated wine with religious passion.

그란 확장.jpg

Grance Senesi

Baritone-style deep and soft red wine

Grande Senesh

Winery: Monte Olivetto Maggiore Abbey

Variety: SV + other indigenous varieties

Brewing: Bottle 6M

Alcohol: 14% vol

Volume: 750ml

Color A light galnet color with a reddish brown tone

Flavor The fresh fruity scent of plums and red berries , the subtle flavor of rice straw and bushy forests of the plains are typical of Tuscany Sanjobeze, and a little licorice scent from ripening adds to the coolness.

The acidity of the taste Sanjobeze first arouses the tip of the tongue and stimulates the salivary glands. Subsequently, the warmth of soft tannins and alcohol comes. It is characterized by its charm that starts softly and finishes softly, and you can enjoy it casually with a variety of foods in a comfortable seat.

Food tenderloin steak, barbecue, bandit, stir-fried mushrooms

Overall , it is a wine produced with only native Tuscan varieties, and is a style that highlights the acidity, tannins, and presence of the main variety, San Jose. It is a wine that can feel the most Italian image.

로사 확장.jpg

Rosé wine with fresh texture and elegant flavor

Tuscan Rosa Saturday

Toscana Rosato

Winery: Monte Olivetto Maggiore Abbey

Product type: SV 100%

Brewing: SS 4M

Alcohol: 14% vol

Volume: 750ml

Romantic pink rose wine with a bright carmine hue

Scent The exotic touch of Western cherry and the scent of raspberries and apples are fresh. The cold expression of understated minerals also comes in nicely.

Taste It is not as sweet as regular rose wine and is dry. As much as that, it had an appropriate aesthetic sense to be accompanied by food. High acidity, rich fruit flavor, refreshing texture, and smooth tannins with a slight sense of tension are also wonderful. The power of alcohol felt in the final finish is quite heavy, so meat foods will go well with it.

Food Japchae, Sausage Stir, Bulgogi, Cheese Salad

Overall , it is a fresh rose wine with a pretty color, a fresh scent, and a beautiful texture. It is recommended as a wine that goes well with most holiday foods or feast foods.


Red wine commemorating the 700th anniversary

1319 Memorial

1319 Memorial

700th Anniversary Dedicated Wine

Variety: CS+SV+ML / 3 grapes were blended. It is a blend of the French Bordeaux varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with Chianti's masterpiece San Jovezé as the main species. This blended wine is specially called'Super Tuscan Style'.

Alcohol: 14.5% vol

Color dark red, nuance of ink painting

Flavor: Fresh fruit scent of ripe strawberries and raspberries is good. Dried bouquets, herbs of the field, straw bales, Tuscan olive oil and vanilla scents are profoundly connected.

The taste alcohol is labeled as 14.5% vol, but when you actually drink it, it feels very light and elegant. It means that the balanced beauty is well-equipped. In the mouth, the soft ripening taste, textured structure, and smooth volume give a rich taste. Along with a variety of foods, it is a taste that can be enjoyed by beginners to enthusiasts alike.

A wine dedicated to commemorating the 700th anniversary of the founding of the Chongpyeong Monastery was released. On the front of the label, the number '1319', the year of its founding, is clear. You can feel the high acidity and light weight of the San Jovese variety, the strength and appearance of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, and the soft body of the Merlot variety. Like wine made in a monastery, it shows a simple and deep taste rather than splendor.

베르 확장.jpg

White wine



Winery: Monte Olivetto Maggiore Abbey

Product type: VM 100%

Brewing: SS 4M + Bottle 1M

Alcohol: 14% vol

Volume: 750ml

Color It is bright enough to be transparent and has a silver tone with a clear light yellow.

Scent If the lemon and orange scents felt at the beginning represent the warm side, the sharp touch of lime and minerals that follow makes you feel the natural side of a cool white wine. The scents of almonds and other nuts are unique to the Vermentino variety, and in this wine, it comes as a neutral, strange charm.

It is a healthy white wine that is full of acidity, which is a structure to contain a lot of alcohol with a taste of 14 degrees, and the solidity of minerals is also supported. A sensational wine that stands out with a refreshing feel and lightness

Food salad, sashimi, sushi, grilled shellfish, light cheese

It has the dignity and quality as an authentic dry white wine that shows the overall mineral expression and acidity. It goes well with steamed crustacean seafood or grilled shellfish, and it goes well with British cheddar cheese and Dutch Gouda cheese.

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