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​monks prayer hospitality


  Seven Offices, Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and Holy Reading (Lectio Divina), other physical work such as hospitality and retreat guidance, management of monasteries and retreats, and farming are all the prayers of the monks. We believe that it is dedicated to God as a sacrifice. However, there are times when it is difficult to complete all these missions with the power of small monks.


Your little sincerity is the church
​It is very helpful for community growth and spiritual benefits

Your donations are used to support the church's mission of proclaiming the gospel and

Help the poor, manage monasteries, which are the property of the church, and develop and nurture religious people 



In our Monastery of St. Benedict of Olivetano, your precious donations and

We donate a certain amount every month with the proceeds from the labor of our community brothers.

<Current donation organization>

 - Support for low-income children through the pigeon study room (local children’s center) in Songseongdo, Busan

 - Seoul Inbo House Support

 - Artificial cochlear surgery support project through the snail of love

 - Domestic children's rights protection project, overseas education support project through Good Neighbors 

 - Sponsoring overseas children such as Myanmar and Indonesia through Plan Korea 

 - Japanese Joseon School Support Project through Mongdang Pencil

 - Relief work through the Korean Red Cross Windmill of Hope

 - Domestic child welfare projects through the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation

 - Small Library Picnic in Busan

 -Doctors Without Borders 

 - Headquarters of the National Return to Farm Movement


 Donation receipts can be issued.


post office   611962-01-001353

Shinhan Bank    140-010-944657

Benedictine Monastery of St. Olivetano

​Inquiries: 010  5301  1319

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