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Monk's Great Feast 5.21

Updated: May 23, 2023

A big feast was held at Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul yesterday, the Great Ascension Festival and a public relations week.

It was a big feast of 34 congregations and missionaries, including Sister Salesio and Jesuits

In the exhibition and the sanctuary counseling corner for the sale of goods, the steps of believers who finished the mass were popular. Reporter Lee Sim has been to the scene

The yard of Myeongdong Cathedral is filled with the booths of monks. The believers gathered at the church during the Mass

Tourists are delighted to participate in the event organized by the order.

On the 21st, Lord's Ascension Festival and Public Relations Week, a big feast of the church was held around Myeongdong Cathedral. Busking is held on one side, and a talk concert is in full swing at the cultural center's Soseongdang. In the Virgin Mary's Garden, we also see children taking pictures together, delighted with the appearance of the Virgin Mary. There is also a place to pray for a moment on one side of the Mother of Our Lady of Eternal Help booth. The cathedral is crowded with performances and booths prepared by 34 monasteries.

It is a time of joy for the couple who visited Myeongdong Cathedral with their son Seo Jin-gun.

"I'm here to show the baby my first mass. But it's an honor to have so many good things today that you didn't know it was a big party. (Then you came here without knowing it was a big party?) While waiting for Mass, you showed me a lot of babies and prayed a lot..I haven't been able to come for a while..."

The great feast of the congregation was a great pleasure for the monks, too.

"I personally want to express the existence of a monk in a word. Monks are people who testify to God's kingdom. Beyond the short life of this world, we are reminded again that eternal life exists and that eternal life is in God." - Archbishop Chung Soon-taek's Mass Lecture-

Under the theme of Good and Good, the big feast of the order lasted until 7 p.m.

The big feast was held as a place of friendship and sharing to convey the joy of the celebration life



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