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Homily on the Solemnity of the Annunciation (Abbot James Ryu)

It starts with the preaching part of the video during the entire Mass, and you only need to watch the preaching part (about 10 minutes).

Pastor James Yu's sermon contents

Today Today is a very special day. This is because it is the day when the history of mankind changes and the day the Savior was conceived. What is happening in Nazareth in Galilee right now? An angel appeared. It is a completely different event from what we experience in our daily life. Have you ever seen an angel? You can see the devil, but have you ever seen an angel? I have seen angelic people, but I have never seen an angel myself. The appearance of an angel means that a completely different event from this world will occur.

The angel said to the virgin Mary: Rejoice, full of grace. I greet you first that the Lord is with you, and then I declare a great thing. It is a proclamation that “Mary will be born the son of the Most High, who is called the Son of God, and his name will be called Jesus, and he will have the throne of David, and his kingdom and kingdom will have no end.” In Israeli tradition, a son means a being in the same position as a father, sharing everything with him. This is the proclamation that Mary now gives birth to Jesus, the Son of God, who has the same power as God, through the Holy Spirit, not a human being. The story that God comes disguised as a human being is also in Greek and Roman mythology, but the story that God is born as a human son and even as a baby is an event that has never been heard in any folk tales or myths. This is an unprecedented event that has never been seen or heard of before in human history.


How does Mary, the party to whom this case was declared, react? It's very surprising. An angel appeared and greeted herself, who was just a country girl. The angel's next words are even more startling. That she, who did not know a man, would give birth to a baby called the Son of God. So I ask the angel. It is not a rejection or rebellion, but a desire to know in order to believe. I'm a virgin, how do I have a baby? And it will be done by the power of the Holy Spirit, not by man, and the angel answers that nothing is impossible with God. Now Maria knows for sure. And now that I know it, I fully believe it. And thoroughly accept it. see I am the servant of the Lord. I hope it will come true for me as you said. Now Mary has been transformed into a person who seeks only God and follows His will. The dream of living as a virgin and serving in the temple for the rest of her life, which she had cherished since childhood, was also determined to use all her will and will to follow and practice God's will. Now, because of this decision, many trials await Mary, even the death of her son, but her heart is filled with grace and peace and she is not shaken in the slightest. The characteristic of a person who chooses God is that he is not shaken by anything. And even small things can lead to big results. But the one who chooses his will without choosing God is always anxious. No matter how much you do, there is no fruit. And nothing happens. If you follow God, you are afraid that you will lose or go wrong, so you always doubt, betray, and go here and there, but you can't put your mind anywhere. Because it has no root in the unchanging God.

Let's take a look at the 12 apostles, a story that will happen around us by extending today's incident. Contrast with the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary hears the proclamation of the birth of Jesus and fully accepts it with reason and faith. And after accepting it, we will never change again, following only the will of God and seeking only God. When the twelve disciples were called by Jesus, they immediately left their father, boat, house, family, brothers and sisters, and land to follow. But it wasn't following Jesus. They followed their interests. It's about following your will. Apostle Peter believed that if he, who was ignorant and could not speak well, followed Jesus, who was good at speaking and had a knack for attracting audiences, he would be respected by people and rise in the world.

The apostles James and John followed Jesus, expecting that one would sit on his right and the other on his left when he ascended to a high seat. Revolutionary Simon followed Jesus to defeat the oppression of the Roman Empire and win independent Israel. Judas Iscariot followed Jesus around to fill his purse and eat delicious food to his heart's content.

<The apostles who abandoned Jesus and fled>

It seemed that they had abandoned everything and followed Jesus, but in reality, they had abandoned nothing, and were only using Jesus as a tool to achieve their will. Then, when Jesus was arrested, they all ran away, thinking that their purpose had failed. That's betrayal. Even though the apostles followed Jesus, they were always anxious and confused. However, after they received the Holy Spirit, everything became peaceful. I am no longer afraid to follow Jesus and I am no longer afraid of death. Following Jesus, which had been so difficult before, became so much fun now. My body was exhausted, but my heart was filled with peace. All who choose God enjoy this peace. Now, are we really following Jesus by abandoning everything, especially our will, will, and inclination? Or do you intend to follow only when there is benefit and discard it whenever there is no profit?

Religious monks and consecrated persons promise to obey. Do you obey only when it feels good and benefits you, and disobey when you feel bad, it doesn't go with your will, and you feel like you're going to lose money? Of course not. Like it or not, like the Blessed Mother, we renounce all our wills and obey with all we have. see I am the servant of the Lord. May it be done to me as you have said.



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